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Hawthorne Bail Bonds F. A. Q.

Hawthorne Bail Bonds .Net Services

  • I just found out that a loved one was arrested in the  Hawthorne Jail. 
    What should be my first step?

    You should give Hawthorne Bail Bonds .Net a call right away. By getting touch with us, we can explain the Bail Bond Process, answer any questions you may have, and get to work on as quickly as possible on getting your loved one out of Jail.
  • What information should I have before I contact the bail company?
    In order for Hawthorne Bail Bonds .Net to provide the fastest service possible, it is best to have the following information:
    • Where is the inmate in custody?
    • What is the full name and booking number of the inmate?
    • What is the Bail Amount?
  • What Areas Does Hawthorne Bail Bonds Cover?
    Hawthorne Bail Bonds
    primarily covers the greater Los Angeles area and has a broad network of Bail Bond Agents to assist our clients whenever and wherever they might need our services.  To know more About Hawthorne Bail Bonds .Net click here.
  • What are Hawthorne Bail Bonds .Net business hours?
    Hawthorne Bail Bonds
    is proud to operate 24 hours, 7 days a week throughout the year.
  • Can Hawthorne Bail Bonds .Net quickly handle bail bonds for any jail in California?
    Hawthorne Bail Bonds
    .Net has a network of Bail Agents and Bondsman who operate not only in Los Angeles but throughout the state as well.  By contacting us, you will know whether we can arrange bail for an inmate elsewhere in California.
  • I'm in another state. Can Hawthorne Bail Bonds .Net post bail for my family member who was arrested in California?
    No problem.  We can send you all the necessary Bail Bonds paperwork by email or fax wherever you are.  When you are finished with the paperwork, simply email or fax the documents back to us and we’ll handle the rest.
  • Does Hawthorne Bail Bonds .Net offer service in Spanish?
    Yes, Most of our Licensed Bail Bond Agents are fully Bilingual and will explain the whole Process in Spanish.  Para Informacion de Fianzas en espanol Haga click aqui.

Cost of Bail Bonds

  • What is the premium of the Bail Bonds and will I get it back?
    The premium is the amount of money required to purchase the Bail Bonds.  In the State of California, the premium is established by law as 10% of the full Bail Amount.  In no event will the premium be refunded.
  • How do I pay for the Bail Bond?
    Hawthorne Bail Bonds
    .Net accepts the following forms of payment:  Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, ATM, cashier's check, traveler's check, personal check, or company check.
  • Do you offer financing?
    Hawthorne  Bail Bonds
    .Net is able to offer financing for clients who qualify.  To see if you qualify, please give us a call and we’ll try to find a mutually agreeable solution.
  • What is collateral?
    Collateral is some form of property whose possession is transferred to the Bail Bonds Company.  Should a defendant fail to make his scheduled court appearances, the Bail Bonds Company may then sell the collateral to cover the cost of recovering the defendant.
  • Do I always need collateral for a Bail Bond?
    Collateral is not always required for a Bail Bond, and in most cases a client’s signature and guarantee to pay is all that we need to post Bail.
  • If I use collateral for a Bail Bond, when do I get it back?
    After the defendant makes all of his scheduled court appearances and the terms of the bond have been fulfilled, the Bail Bonds Company will transfer possession of the collateral back to the original owner.
  • Will the court take my property as Bail collateral?
    Real estate can be used as Bail collateral, but the process involved in pursuing such an option can be quite time-consuming as it is basically equivalent to any other home sale or purchase.
  • Can I find cheap Bail Bonds?
    You should not even attempt to find cheap Bail Bonds.  Any Bail Bonds Agent claiming to offer Bail Bonds on seemingly more advantageous terms is not acting in compliance with state law and should not be trusted.
  • Do you offer 5% bail or negotiate premiums?
    Hawthorne Bail Bonds .Net
    will never negotiate premiums or offer a discounted Bail Bonds rate that is not in compliance with the state law .

Bail Bonds Process and Responsibilities

  • What is a bail bond?
    A Bail Bond is essentially a contract that secures the release of a detainee from Jail.  According to this contract, the Bail Bonds Agent provides a guarantee to the court that the detainee will continue to meet his obligations to appear before the court.  Should the detainee fail to appear, the Bail Bonds Agent must surrender the full amount of the Bond.
  • How is the Bail Amount set?
    Judges have responsibility for establishing Bail Amounts.  These amounts are county-specific, and Bail Amounts are adjusted periodically.  In general, higher Bail Amounts will be required for progressively more severe crimes.
  • What is the procedure for bailing somebody out of Jail?
    The Bail Bonds Process begins with a phone call, during which the client provides the bail agent with the necessary information to get things started.  With this complete, the client then fills out the necessary paperwork, signs any agreements, and provides the necessary payment.  Finally, a licensed Bail Bondsman posts the Bail Bond with the appropriate Jail and secures the release of the detainee.
  • How long will it take to get a friend or loved one out of Jail?
    Generally speaking, we can often get someone out of Jail in one or two hours.  Of course, the time it takes to complete the Bail Bonds Process can be complicated by a variety of factors including parole holds, 1275 holds, and Jail conditions.
  • What is the cost of a bail bond?
    In the State of California, the premium (or cost) of a Bail Bond is set by law at 10% of the full Bail Amount.
  • How do I pay for the Bail Bond?
    Hawthorne Bail Bonds .Net
    accepts the following forms of payment: Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, ATM, cashier's check, traveler's check, personal check, or company check.
  • Can I just pay the Jail for the full amount of the Bail?
    It is possible to pay the full amount of the Bail in lieu of purchasing a Bail Bond.  This is known as Cash Bail.  However, this option comes with certain restrictions and conditions.  In the event that the Bail Amount is relatively large, a court may investigate whether funds used for Cash Bail have been procured through legitimate means
  • What happens if the case goes more than a year?
    If the case for lasts for more than one year, it will be necessary to pay a second premium to maintain the Bail Bond and keep the defendant out of Jail.  Should this occur, it is recommended to seek a Bail reduction and to thus lessen the premium amount.
  • If I Bail somebody out of Jail, what is my responsibility?
    A person who Bails someone out of Jail is known as the indemnitor.  By agreeing to be an indemnitor, you guarantee that the defendant will make his scheduled court appearances.  Should the defendant not make those appearances, you will be held liable for the full amount of the Bail Bond, or at least any expenses or fees necessary to bring the defendant back to custody.
  • What happens if the defendant gets rearrested while out on bond?
    There is no hard and fast rule about what happens in this case, so the best strategy is to contact your Bail Bonds Agent and discuss the various options that may be available to you.
  • What happens if I think the defendant is not going to show up for court after I have already posted the bond?
    Definitely get in touch with the Bail Bonds Agent to discuss the various options that may be available to you.
  • What happens if a defendant is bailed out and fails to appear in court?
    If the defendant fails to appear in court, the bail bond may be surrendered and the indemnitor becomes liable for any charges required to track down the defendant and bring him to court.  However, in many cases defendants miss court appearances due to perfectly understandable situations such as illness, family  or other extenuating circumstances.  Courts understand these things and will, within reason, attempt to accommodate such developments.
  • At what point is the co-signer no longer liable for the bond?
    After the defendant has met all of his requirements to appear before the court and the premium is paid off in full, the co-signer (or indemnitor) is no longer liable for the Bail Bond.
  • Can I leave the state or country while I am out on bond?
    Never attempt to leave the state or county while out on a Bail Bond unless you have received explicit permission from the court and Bail Bonds Company.  A defendant without such permission who attempts to leave the state or country may be subject to arrest.
  • What if the criminal charges are dismissed?
    Should criminal charges against the defendant be dropped, the co-signer will no longer be liable for the Bail Bond.  However, the co-signer will not be entitled to a refund of the premium.

How to Choose the Right Bail Company

  • How do we know we can trust your Bail Bonds Company?
    You can trust Hawthorne Bail Bonds .Net because we have an established record of providing only the most professional service to our clients.  We are fully licensed with the State of California.
  • What percentage do you charge for a Bail Bond and why?
    We charge a 10% premium because this is the amount all Bail Bond Companies are legally required to charge in the State of California.  In some cases the state allows Bail Bond Companies to charge an 8% premium.  These rates are non-negotiable.  Because Hawthorne Bail Bonds .Net complies with state law on Bail Bond premiums, you can have confidence that we will only deal with you in the most honest and fair manner possible.
  • Will you help me understand the Bail Bonds Process?
    The Bail Bonds Process can be confusing and filled with exceptions, rules, and procedures.  Hawthorne Bail Bonds .Net understands this full well, and we think that being able to explain this process is an essential part of our business.  We want you to understand not only how the Bail Bonds Process works generally, but how it might work in your specific case as well.  Every client is different, and we will work with you to answer any questions or concerns you may have.
  • Are you licensed?
    Hawthorne Bail Bonds .Net
    is proud to be fully licensed and in compliance with the laws established by the State of California.
  • How fast can you get my friend (or family member) out of Jail?
    Generally speaking, we can often get someone out of Jail in one or two hours.  Of course, the time it takes to complete the Bail Bonds Process can be complicated by a variety of factors such as parole holds or 1275 holds.  By calling us and discussing your situation, we can give you a more reasonable estimate of how long it will take to get someone out of Jail.  Whatever the case may be, we will serve to provide you with the promptest service possible.  With a network of Bail Bond Agents throughout Los Angeles, our ability to transmit and process documentation electronically, and willingness to meet you wherever you may be, Hawthorne Bail Bonds .Net will work to complete the Bail Bonds Process as quickly as possible.

Arrest and Booking Process

  • What happens when a person is arrested?
    When a suspect is taken into custody, he will be taken by law enforcement officials to a designated facility for booking and processing.  Booking and processing is the method by which suspects are fingerprinted, photographed, and matched with results from computer database searches.  Suspects are Jailed when this process has finished, and it is only then that an inmate may begin the Bail Bonds Process.
  • What is a “cite out”?
    This refers to a “citation and release,” which is most commonly issued for traffic stops.  For a “cite out,” an arrestee is not taken into custody but issued with an order that he appear before a court on a given date.
  • What is own recognizance?
    Own recognizance refers to a practice whereby a judge may order the release of a detainee on the condition that he appear before court on a given date.  In this scenario, the detainee is not required to post any Bail Bonds.  Own recognizance is far more common for persons suspected of less serious crimes.
  • What happens if the defendant is not bailed out?
    If a defendant is not bailed out, the answer is simple: he will remain in custody until the court reaches a decision as to his fate.


  • Do I need an attorney?
    As Bail Bond Companies are not permitted to provide legal advice, Hawthorne Bail Bonds .Net recommends that you consult with an attorney to discuss your rights and how you wish to proceed with the case against you.  Bail Bond Companies can only provide you with assistance related to securing Bail Bonds.
  • Who regulates the bail bond industry?
    In the State of California, the Bail Bonds industry is regulated by the state, more specifically the California Department of Insurance.  Beyond this body, the state penal code establishes the rules and procedures for the Bail Bond Process.
  • What is an immigration bond?
    Immigration Bonds have much in common with other Bail Bonds.  Generally speaking, they act like Bail Bonds insofar as they permit the release of detainees held by the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  However, they differ because they are federal Bonds as opposed to state Bonds.  To effect the release of a detainee, a Cash Bond may be secured directly through the Bureau or a Surety Bond may be secured through an Immigration Bonds Company licensed to handled Immigration Bonds. 

For any further questions please Contact us.